Saturday, September 23, 2006

You are now officially a Preschooler, but you will always be my baby. There are eight sets of arms in our home ready to comfort you at any given moment, for any reason at all.

I love you, My Sugar!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

To my sweet Rose:

I'm so proud of you that after months of stony silence, aside from the standard 'Mama' and 'Dada', you have decided to speak!

I like that you are using the words 'Please' and 'Thank You', as well as 'God bless you' after you hear anyone sneeze (or cough, or clear their throat, or belch, or fart...).

I really wish you had not picked up the word 'No' so easily. I mean, really! As your mom, I rarely ever say the actual word. I prefer to say "That's not for you!" or "That really not safe!" Guess I can blame your big sisters. Finally.

And this fecal fingerpainting thing has GOT. TO. STOP.

Telling me "I poop!" after you've already filled your diaper to capacity seems like a happy alternative to spraying down your bedroom walls with bleach and making me thank your daddy for allowing me to originally paint your bedroom in a finish called 'Kids Paint'. It might have been a tad more expensive, but it's held up well under the eleventy-kajillion times I've had to scour it!

The excitement and genuine affection that you greeted me with when I returned from vacation has more than paid for all the crap I've had to clean up since you've been born.

Monday, July 03, 2006

My oldest daughter has her arm wrapped around my youngest daughter as they watch The Fox and the Hound on Monday night. The daughter whose age falls between those pictured is going through a phase where she avoids having her picture taken. She saw the camera and made herself invisible.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rosie decides to wear my dress shoes: It's a struggle. She wears a toddler size 8, and those shoes are a woman's size 9 (shut up. I have big feet to counterbalance my forward projections). A few minutes later, Rosie gives up and comes crying to me. There's nothing like tears of frustration. I love it when my kids run to me for hugs!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Please go over to my Flickr page and see the picture of the girls I have posted titled : See No, Hear No, Do No Evil.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The girls love to play hide and seek with their dad. Good for them, since I'm not a gal who plays games. *wink wink - nudge*
DH came home about five yesterday, I cooked some stir fry, we ate dinner as a family. I should say we laughed through dinner. Halie and Catie were in a playful mood. Rosie? Notsomuch. While I cuddled with Rosie on the couch, DH and the other girls played a rousing game of hide and seek. Each took turns being 'IT': Halie first, Catie next, then finally DH. I must applaud my daughters on their ability to camouflage themselves. Halie climbed into the toy box in Rosie's room, buried herself in the toys, leaving only a tiny square of her purple nightgown showing. My husband almost walked right past her! Catie pulled the big (woofer) speaker away from the wall in the living room and crouched behind it. Halie missed her the first time through!
Then there it was my husband's turn. Here's how it happened: DH hid in the hallway bathroom, the door closed and locked behind him. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I was busy serving as the safety net for my toddler, who decided to express her circus monkey/mountain goat genetics: Rosie swiftly climbed onto Catie's top bunk and pushed the ladder to said bunk onto the floor. She and I spent the next few minutes having the following exchange:

Me: What did you do?

Rosie: I kwime up!

M: How are you going to get down?

R: You hup (help) me!

M: If I help you down, I'm also going to 'help' you leave this room. M'Kay?


M: YESYESYESYES! (spoken as I plucked her from Catie's bunk and plunked her down in the hallway)

Back to Hide and Seek: I did not see DH hide in the bathroom, so I have NOT A CLUE. Halie and Catie tell me that they've looked EVERYWHERE, but cannot find their father. I ask the girls to sit down and wait with me in the living room. Just then, the phone rings. I pick it up and before I can say 'Hello', I hear what sounds like heavy breathing. "Great", I think to myself, and hang up the phone. I had just put down the phone when it rang again. I looked at the Caller ID and saw my DH's cell phone number! I answered, and he hoarsely whispered, "The call is coming from inside the house!" I freaking LOST it!! The girls all wanted to know what had me laughing so hard, but I could not even pause to tell them, it was that funny. Eventually, DH began banging on the door from the inside, and the girls found him.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Saturday we attended the birthday party of a preschool classmate of Catie's, M., who just turned three. By 'we', I mean: Halie, Catie and Rosie, and me - the girls allowed me to chauffeur them, mostly because I'm the only one big enough to reach the pedals in the SUV. Luckily, I'm not shy when it comes to meeting new people. My daughters were thrilled to be a part of their young friend's party, then they saw the cake. M.'s mom made a spectacular Minnie Mouse cake, which I did not get a picture of. Forgot my camera. I am fortunate that M.'s mom was able to forward me a precious photo of little Rosie with remnants of her seond slice of the aforementioned Minnie Mouse cake. My daughters were on a sugar high all afternoon. Can you say "play outside until you've burned it all off and don't come to get me unless it's broken, bleeding or on fire"? Well, that's exactly what I said. I must also tell you that they played together beautifully. No fighting. No biting. No kidding!