Saturday, February 18, 2006

Once a quarter, Fellowship Church has a special evening for parents to drop off thier children in our expert childcare for low cost, lets them eat out somewhere, then provides inexpensive entertainment back on the church campus. The only key is that you have to be members, which we are! Last Night was Date Night, and rather than plainly tell my daughters that they would be in church childcare AGAIN, I said "You're going to get to go and play with your friends for three hours tonight!" I got mixed reviews and a few questions after that. Halie said, "Mom? Are you feeling okay?" Catie asked, "My friends or your friends, Mom?" Rosie did just smiled and ran at lightning speed to the closet to retrieve her shoes. That's my girl - Rosie shares my enthusiasm!

On the way home from school, I further explain the evening's plans: Tonight was Mommy and Daddy's Date Night. I would drop them off at church about 6PM, and they would play with friends at church until 9PM. They grumbled and whispered between themselves in the back of the SUV, then I heard, "Are we having dinner there?" I told the girls that they would have pizza at church, which got little response. At least until I said "that means you don't have to eat anything Mommy cooks for dinner." The SUV was rocked with exuberant cheering from Halie and Catie: "AWW RIGHT!!" and "WE'LL BE EATING PEEET-ZZAAAAH! WOO-HOO!!" Rosie was her usual happy self, and just clapped along with her sisters' screaming.

We dropped the girls off after 6PM, headed out to dinner, returned to the church at 7:45PM for the evening entertainment. Pavlov's Dogs was hilarious! I found out later that this Improv Group performs at one of my favorite theatres in Dallas, and I plan to take my DH as a surprise one night in the Spring.
We picked up the girls at 9PM, headed home and tucked them into their beds. They were soon all fast asleep. It was about 11PM that I realized that I had taken Rosie's very last diaper to church with us. I set the alarm for 6AM this morning, to Walmart in my workout clothes (yoga pants, Carmax t-shirt, Reeboks) and was back before even one child was awake. Good thing, let me tell ya, since waking DH would be hard if there was a Texas Tornado coming down on our house!


Blogger EmmaSometimes said...

Date Night sounds like a fabulous idea! Hubby and I always try to get out at least twice a month. It's soooo good for everyone. :o)

11:18 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

I loove improv. It's funny what you say about the children not liking your cooking. My six-year-old barely eats anything my wife cooks.

5:45 AM  

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